Hi Koan and Cort, if necessary:

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Thanks Cort. Can I search the contents of my posts in a bulk fashion somehow? It would not work to search the titles and, as you may know I've got a few posts

A bit technical:

(1) I just cleaned my PM-mailbox of 140 items summing to 358 Kb text so if you divide that in proportionally - what with your wordy style (and mine, and mine: Peace please) you got some 5 MB of highly arousing text to search for the more tasty naughty bits - " nudge, nudge know that I mean" )

(2) I also puzzled about more rational ways of deleting posts than vBulletins (The Prophet Be Not Invoked!) has on offer: Basically delete is all I could find. Save I could find not. Where stored I could find not. So I painfully copied each and all, yea also Koan's, into my html-editor, saved that and was done.

For Koan however, I suggest you offer her Personal Special Directory somehow (let an administrator fix that if it doesn't exist: should be possible, and not too difficult), so that (i) she can download that and/or do a search with keywords on that.

5 MB text is around 5 or more reasonably well-sized novels, so you see that Koan has done a lot for PR and has a lot to search...

I don't envy her and doing the above probably makes the hassle and work less.

Best wishes to both of you,


P.S. I do think there must be better save possibilities i.e. as outlined above: One does indeed get a nice prod when one's PM-box has reached 90% capacity, but it would be nice if this comes with an option as outlined: Download one's IN and SENT boxes at one go (to have, search, store on one's own HD).