Hello Toos,

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I really think that any physician with half a brain who reads the CME will understand about the problems the physical exercise poses.'

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I would not bet on that.

+1 .... and besides, the majority of the doctors I have seen did not even have half a brain, that is, if they were not masters of deception

Anyway Toos, thanks for this EXCELLENT link in anothter thread:

Questions and Answer Session with: Dr. Judy Mikovits
-- http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/sho...1980#post71980


Attachment to IACFS/ME Newsletter
Volume 3, Issue 1 April 2010
-- http://www.iacfsme.org/Portals/0/pdf...-April2010.pdf

My excerpt is here:

Maybe that also sheds some (implied) light on 'exercise' and its nonsense for people with ME...