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Mar 3, 2010





Hello Toos,


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I know but would it not be better to say as for as we yet know?

My english is not great so feel free to rephrase it.

Well... I take it you meant to say that what Mithriel wrote is true as far as we know, at this point in time.

That's true and I hope she is mistaken, but fear that as far as we know she is not, alas. OTOH = On the other hand ...

(1) for those not as bad off as to have been forced into a wheel chair there is some hope from the fact that remissions do occur and

(2) e.g. the case of Gerwyn - who got himself partially recovered from a horrible level of ME with the help of Dr. Myhill, if I recall well - shows that also there is hope for the severe cases for some better less intolerable level.

So, also with Dr. Myhill: Never, ever give up - and there is some fact-based evidence for some hope for all with ME.

Best wishes,


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