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Maarten, The number of registered members is only one matrix by which to measure success or even popularity. I get PM's and email everyday from people that used to be very active here stating they're sorry they've been out of touch lately. All the argument and need to be right is getting them down and not worth the energy. I'm not at liberty to provide names. With permission I will gladly provide content. Perhaps I get these because members who feel this way feel comfortable expressing such views to me.

OK - fair point, and I also got such PM, if not as often as you. However, it seems to me that what Koan answered is fair enough, that I'll metaphorize thus:

If you don't want burned, don't get close to the fire - but don't imagine having no fires will keep you warm, safe or cosy, especially from 2013 onwards, if the APA, CDC and KCL get their way, and there is still no bio-medical marker for ME/CFS (or even if there is).

I think the debate is useful, if protracted and much longer than necessary, and that one useful product of it are Kim's summaries of arguments - which are also scientifically important as constituting real evidence of what many patients with ME/CFS really feel, think and KNOW about GET and CBT , also wholly independently from tweaked questioning on KCL-forms for patients.



P.S. And FAR more dangerous than angry debate - for me at least - is the general F*ing AWFULNESS of this F*ing vBulletin editor: MY GOODNESS how much of my health that takes! Multiplied by 1699 members it ought to get the Wessely Order for Significant Service to Soul Shrinking.

Also... a good Volkswagen (open source and gratis) is a LOT more use than a failed and broken Mercedes (and to get as little as this apothegm in took me 8 minutes of my life): The main danger this forum runs is the miserable state of its miserable editor-software, and if I'm leaving the forum it will be bcause I KNOW that this is the WORST software I've had to work with since the awful sh*t called "Wordperfect".