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Mar 3, 2010




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Now I am going to throw in something. I pushed and pushed untill I was dying. I wonder why I didn't learn from the collapses. In my live before I was struck whith what I thought at the time was a very bad case of flu, I would quickly have picked up the warningsigns and learned from the flare ups. Getting worse after every flare up should have made me stop pushing. Why did the warningsystem not function as it shoud have?

I'd say we've arrived at False Illness Beliefs ... in the sense that you, like me, like many with ME/CFS without knowing much or anything about it, and with a life to lead, bills to pay, familiy to take care of and so on keep pushing to get done what one can get done.

Some push so hard (have to, usually, just in order to get some work done) that they end up in a wheelchair...

That's again why I don't want ANY talk of 'physical exercise therapy' for people with ME: Applied sadism, if you want my psychologist's diagnosis, also in re of our fellow countryman professor Bleijenberg, who is a truly creepy creep, if you were to ask me for my professional judgment.

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