Dear Doctor,


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"The very definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results."




(Ding Ding Ding!!!!)

Finally, some progress!

Better late than never! Perhaps the 'dead' horse still lives.

Wait...uh oh...

I don't have to show you anything, for the answer lies curled within your own question. Tom wasn't merely saying that he doesn't "like" the idea of any kind of exercise program being included, I believe he was saying NO exercise program should be included because ANY exercise program is potentially HARMFUL to many patients! Yes, EVEN Dr. Bateman's! As you have (I Dearly Hope) read in countless testimonials from your fellow companions in Disease, many of them less fortunate in overall condition, ANY FORM OF EXERCISE, or of GRADED ANYTHING, can potentially be harmful, ESPECIALLY for the severely affected (and there are a lot of us Cort; you and I seem to move - well you move, I just lie down - in different circles...).

I'm fairly confident that Dr. Bateman herself would not apply a general recommendation like that to a patient like say, yours truly (I hope not anyway..). But I don't get to see Dr. Bateman, she's off in Mormon country somewhere, and Klimas is in Gator Country, and Lapp is in hillbilly country or something, so I have to settle for Joe Doctor most of the time. Joe doesn't read stuff the way you do Cort, nor the way I do, in fact he doesn't like to read at all now that he's out of med school and has all his board certifications. Joe isn't all that smart, not like Dr. Bateman, and he isn't all that caring, unlike Dr. Bateman. He has his own not-very-smart opinions on CFS that involve "oh god not one of those", something about women and hysteria, and a bit of stuff his psychiatrist friend told him over lunch. So when he sees the word "exercise" all he thinks is "alright Dr. Bateman, whoever you are, I can take it from here" and the rest is, as they say, history. Unfortunately, mine. And that of a hell of a lot of people on this forum.


Wait a minute now hombre, that statement is not clear. You use the word "experience" first to mean your "experience of reading" their programs, then use it to mean your "experience" = doctors will recognize that we can't do regular exercise. Are you saying that you have ACTUAL experience with doctors who have ACTUALLY read those VERY materials (CAA/Bateman) and they have ALL (how many doctors have you seen who read this stuff, anyway??) become enlightened as you described? Or are you using the term hypothetically (and incorrectly) to mean that you THINK doctors who read this will become so enlightened?

My experience with doctors has been bad enough (did I mention Joe?) that most of them wouldn't even read the CAA literature anyway, and even if they did they would see the words "graded" or "gradual" + "increase" together with "activity" and "deconditioning", and then it's "ah yes, that's what I thought"... And the prescription is a graded kick in the ass with an assist by a psychologist or psychiatrist (prompted by the mention of "cognitive behavioral therapy"), with a general refusal to be very helpful (if at all) with disability forms, requests for wheelchairs, etc (why do I need, say, an electric wheelchair if I can gradually increase my activity such that, by God, I should at least be able to push one myself..). Now don't tell him he's missing the good stuff in that literature, Cort, or missing the nuance or the overall point, because he's a busy man, he has other patients to see, and he doesn't have time to read the fine print.. Besides, he already has his own framework built up from years of clinical experience, young man, and this document only reinforces his belief that all I need is a graded kick in the ass after all.. There's nothing in there about the SPECT scans or smoldering viruses or whatever I keep babbling about, and.. Oh, he's sorry, he has to see another patient now.

And that, in a bit of hopefully informative hopefully humor, is the problem. Most of us aren't beating any damn 'dead horses' here; we are fighting to NOT wind up about as dead as dead horses, wherever we can and however we can. Trouble is, some folks who will remain nameless (Cort and the CAA and.. who's that riding in?? Say it ain't so!!) seem to have developed a mental block in these discussions. So I thought I would try a different method. In the past I have found some of you folks have broken senses of humor, but I think it is a very effective medication and communication tool, in the right hands. Which rules me out.

Oh well. Spam away, Mr. J!

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