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More exercise quotes from Time for the Big Talk: How's the CAA doing?

Excellent Kim - and I am proud to be included... but you missed - or more more precisely this awful editor made disappear - something I wrote under my point (7) that you quoted, because I made it stand out by quoting it in this editor, namely the following text:

All I can guarantee is that I cannot guarantee anything
about anything that involves physically exercising my body,
that is, anything I do with it, except that I have to pay for
anything I do afterward, in unpredictable amounts, for
often unclear reasons, but I always pay afterwards,
sometimes for weeks, months, years and indeed decades.

The awful vBulletin editor swallows quotes within copied text (undoubtedly styled 'a feature rather than a bug', my wide experience with commercial software suggests) but that' what happened here: the above part miraculously disappeared when you quoted it. (*)

But the arguments against 'exercise' as 'therapy' for people with ME remains excellent, and one of its exellences in this Evidence Based Medical Science world is that it must be a first to have so many patients with ME say very clearly, with reference to real science and their own experiences, that (I put it in a quote again, to make it stand out:



'Exercise' as 'therapy' for people with ME is a VERY bad idea

though Kim said it better:


(*) As is usual with you for me is that I see in the immediately preceding reference you are already aware of this eventuality.