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Poor dream recall has long been known to be one symptom of vitamin B6 deficiency. Here is Dr Myhill :

"Poor dream recall - vitamin B6 deficiency"



For a long time I have had this, but since I began my healing program, where particulaly, healing of the gut is taking place through very strict diet which is now grain free, I recall my dreams most nights even though some are fleeting. Because there is some psychological healing going on too, which is normal, during physical healing, and which has been a surprise, being unaware myself of the psychological effects of my lifelong illness since being poisoned with mercury, I have had a period where the dreams were a little distrubing but that seems to have eased now. When the gut is healing, nutrients are able to be absorbed better.

Dreambirdie kindly interpreted some of them which were on the theme of being in a new home, which I found very appropriate as I do feel that something fundamental is occuring with the healing and I am in a new place as it were, feeling much more in control and alive. Looking back I feel I have had serious food allergies for as long as I remember, and it has only been recently, when I think I have pinned them all, that the healing has speeded up considerably which makes me wonder just how many people suffer this way but give up before hitting the key as I have done many times in the past.

I don`t think that my illness is food allergy alone but what is happening is backing up my theory that if you remove what is stopping the body from healing, which is what it wants to do, then it will heal itself and just on the correct diet alone.

I have heard that general vitamin B deiciency is very common in this illess so is worth experimentation with some extra B6 although it is best to consult a nutritionist and maybe have a test done.



@Brenda: I can confirm B6 seemed to have helped considerably with my ME (and I recommend anyone trying vitamine-supplementation - in large doses - to do a search with "Orthomolecular" (+ one's interests possibly) and do some reading, if one hasn't done so already) but can also confirm - years and years of taking a considerable amount - that it did not make me dream.

Mark: But what strikes me is the "not dreaming" thing. I didn't dream from 1995 to about 2005, during the time when I was fatigued and sleeping 12+ hours a day and unrefreshed. It's clearly an interruption of ability to enter certain alpha/beta wave states (I know that's a bit vague) and this could explain so many of the classic CFS symptoms - muscles etc don't get into their rest/recovery state, we don't process new memories properly hence the brain-fog. My chronic neck/back pain disappeared after the first good night's sleep - and I dreamed, slept for 6 hours, and woke bounding with energy! (That new bed only lasted me a week though! ).

Anyway: I think the above experience gave me a key insight into the sleep-related dynamics of CFS, and dreaming/not dreaming seems like an interesting and important subject to explore - a poll might be interesting...

@Mark: Seems a good idea + observation to me. I'd be particularly interested in knowing what percentage of people with ME stopped dreaming while doing it regularly before falling ill with ME.

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