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Apr 16, 2010




Hello Brown-eyed Girl,

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I'm speechless. OK. WELL. This "racket" thing is twisted in my opinion. Neverthless, that doesn't undermine what Cort writes. I respect his right to express his opinion wherever it's coming from. I respect the right of everyone here to express themselves in any manner they see fit whether that be strictly 3rd person objective or 1st person singular or any type of mix, and especially coming from wherever.

However, a person is a composite of his stories, or life experiences, if you like. They can never be separated. I believe it was stated most powerfully by Maarten in post 1124 of this thread. The survivors were unjustly imprisoned, and they embody their stories. If I may use a metaphor here, Maarten, sufferers of ME/CFS also live in a prison, one of self limitations. We have stories and we embody them. We don't embrace them to perpetuate some kind of racket. We embody them. On some awful level they define us because our bodies confine us.

I repect everyone's right to post in a manner they see fit with their biases, their personalities, their religious beliefs, their intellect, and the embodiment of all their life's experiences. Peace out (for you, Koan) and Amen.

I agree with the metaphor, but non-metaphorically speaking, I am - I guess, "relatively speaking" to many of the members of the forums - a fairly extreme physicalist a.k.a. materialist a.k.a. naturalist a.k.a. natural philosopher:

Title: Natural Philosophy
Link: https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...Philosophy.htm
Title: Natural Realism
Link: https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...%20Realism.htm

I do not think there is a soul:

Title: Soul
Link: https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...ary/S/Soul.htm

Our experiences are, by my lights, activities of our brains. That is all real (bio-medical) science requires for adequate realistic scientific explanations, and postulating anything more, such as a soul, next to and besides the brain and its activities, is religion or, indeed, also, pseudo-psychiatry.

Title: Experience
Link: https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...Experience.htm

Ockham's Razor lobs it neatly off the realm of science:

Title: Ockham's Razor
Link: https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...7s%20Razor.htm



MM: First, at present there is no good explanation at all of how the brain produces one's experiences, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, values and ends, although there is very good evidence that it is the brain that produces these, or at least is necessary for their production.

One important reason for this fact is that the brain is the most complex organ one has, and so far it was difficult or impossible to study living brains, though this last restriction is rapidly disappearing through things like PET-scanners and nano-technology.

Second, there is hardly any evidence evidence for the existence of an immortal soul: There are no ghosts, no messages from the death, and prayer has been statistically proved to be ineffective. Also, every time the purported existence of gods or messages from the death has been investigated, it has been found to be fraudulent, a hoax, or (self-)deception. (See e.g. C.E.M. Hansel: "ESP - a scientific explanation".)

But I am merely explaining - well...: pasting in - some background, and agree with most you said (more than not).

How it effects Cort's position is difficult to judge, but Kim's reference explains something that initially amazed me about a man as smart as Cort is, viz. his positive interest in and practice of amygdala-training, that immediately I read it struck me as CBT shrink-wrapped Asian style, for Western consumers.

And I know little from CAA, though by now it seems clear enough - thanks Orla and Tom and others: fine posts showing why - it needs to clean up its public information, by such criterions I use.

But that is another discussion...


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