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The night after I read Caledonia's plane dream I also had a dream about a plane.

I was in one of those big airplane hangers and was standing next to a large 747-type plane that was loaded with people. Two men came in and I had a bad feeling, like they were bullies approaching me. One of them came up to me and bent down into my face in a very aggressive way and told me I could leave and that the two of them would take up my security post. I stepped back a pace or two to give myself some room, then leaned forward in an aggressive stance and I told them to back off and that no one was going to keep this plane from taking off. Then I woke up.

(I had not dreamed in nearly 20 years. I have only recently started to dream again. I really had missed it.)

Why have you "really had missed it"? (Just curious, being a man who almost never dreams, and if he does nothing extra-ordinary or somehow telling, revealing, or something new or unknown - all rationally speaking, for a Fraudian could make anything from anything, not bound by reason.)

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