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Mar 3, 2010





Hello dear doctor,

Just woken up, so here is just a brief reply to a question you asked, having read the doubledutch:


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Thanks Lansbergen!... this is the best, however, that Google Translate could do with it; if anyone can provide a better translation of the section in bold below, I would appreciate it:

I may not be understanding this mangling correctly; in the bolded section, is this writer saying he called Kuppeveld, and Kuppeveld said he received a positive sample from the WPI, tested it using the Dutch methodology, and the result was positive for XMRV? (And thus, he assumes his methodology is effective?) I assume he means that at the time of the study he did this test on the WPI sample. If I understood correctly, that confirms Annette Whittemore's assertion that the WPI sent a positive sample to the Dutch group;

You understand it the way I do. Incidentally the Dutch



Gebeld met dr. Van Kuppeveld in Nijmegen. Ja, hij had een positief monster van het WPI ontvangen en zij hadden dit ook getest. De uitkomst: positief! Voor Van Kuppeveld het bewijs dat het met hun testtechniek wel goed zat.

means - fairly speaking: it is colloquial Dutch - that the writer or someone the writer knows (of) has phoned with Van K. who said that yes, he had received a positive sample from the WPI and that they had also tested it, and that the test was positive, which Van K. took as the proof that their own testing techniques were OK.

Summa: Van K. did not see to it this was mentioned in the "study" he co-wrote; he confirms a result of the WPI, but it is not clear whether by WPI-techniques or by Van K. techniques; and the negatives he found therefore may be due to having gotten blood from a small group of patients from long ago that in majority had no real ME at all.



If all these "if"s are correct, then I can't understand why on earth the Dutch team did not include that 'little' nugget either in their original paper or -- if they ran the test for some reason after they sent the manuscript for publication -- in an addendum or (at minimum) press release.

Well... Van K. wasn't the only author, and I am cynical enough about Van der Meer and Bleijenberg that they wanted to sink the WPI-Science-study. (Which Van K. may be innocent of - indeed, he may know little about ME, as such.)



All this needs some serious clarification (incl. better translation), of course, and especially verification of the report's accuracy.

As I said, the Dutch style is very colloquial, and in the manner of relaying a tale. The Yorkshire Gal's translation was fair enough.



"Let us first make sure the technique is good, before we fly together to capture the issue of patient selection." Wise words from Annette Whitmore. It costs the world does not!

Right, and as I said here, in a fairly thorough analysis of Wessely & McClure

Title: ME: On the postmodern falsifications in Wessely & McClures BMJ-editorial
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100309a.htm

HTH and best wishes to you, dear Doctor,


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