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I have long felt - and expressed - that trolling was an issue on this forum as it is on every other forum that has ever existed. Once, long ago, when I brought this to the attention of Admin. I was told, by way of a dressing down, that no-one would bother to troll these forums. I had no idea how to respond to that then and I have no clue now.

There be trolls.

There are also enormous differences in what people consider an acceptable level of discord in conversation. And, there's style and culture and language and emotional makeup and lability and self control and humour and... I do think we sometimes need to discuss how we are affecting each other and try to take that on board.

I think this process is made more difficult by the forum rules which prohibit directly addressing the issue of trolls. I understand that a troll hunt can be perilously close to a witch hunt and nobody wants that. But, so long as we can't discuss trolls, trolls are free to do what they do. Of course, once you start discussing trolls, trolls are the first to scream: troll!

It's tricky, tricky stuff.

...you are quite - and elegantly, si vous me permettez, mademoiselle - right.

With this addition that a common and valid(+ated) assumption of this forum is that one can judge people from their writings - not unerringly, not fully - quite adequately, and sometimes surprisingly deeply, on a personal level, as well. (Eventually, perhaps, as some newbies may be initially misjudged...)

Furthermore, about some there is just more evidence, as regular contributors, one has learned to know on various threads through their postings, so that one can often fairly and rationally conclude that so-and-so can be relied upon to be and mean and think as (s)he says, also if one disagrees. And everyone does have his or her's own unique experiences, needs and shortcomings.

And also: I did not speak lightly, nor without extensive evidence, nor did Parvo and Kim, I feel certain.