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Unfortunately they are denying it is a serious disease, or a disease at all. They think we are all imagining we are physically sick when we are not.

The psychiatrists in the UK but ME/CFS under the mental health section in a UK WHO guide for doctors in the UK. When patients found out they acted on it and, only after some pressure, they were forced to move the classification, but by then the damage had been done and many of the booklets had been distributed. They were supposed to send erratum slips with any booklets from then on that were being sent out, but there was a good chance this wasn't done as when someone rang up about the erratum slips the person on the other end of the line didn't know what they were talking about. Sorry I don't have the energy to go into the full story right now.

They are opposed to testing and biomedical treatments for patients.

Here are some quotes (if you want to see more click on the psychiatric view of ME/CFS or the Liverpool thread in my signature (in blue) at the end of this message).

Excellent exposť (outlining of evidence), Orla!

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