Dear Kim,

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I did not report posts on the 'Medic' thread because Mark, a moderator, was contributing to the thread. He was well aware that 60+ complaints were being posted and when I suggested that people stop reading and posting, Mark replied . That was a clear admission that moderation was not going to be employed and that gratuitous offenses were going to be, not only tolerated, but encouraged by the PR Administration.

I was also surprised that Mark was encouraging the psych lobby to participate in dialogue on these forums, when, in December, he stated that they would not be welcomed.

Simon Wessely on XMRVThe issue of trolls on the forum was brought to your attention by Alice Band back in December on the CBT/GET potentially harmful to ME/CFS patients thread Mark, do you think more than 60 complaints on the Medic thread were another example of oversensitivity by experienced posters?

I am concerned that you are unable to see when persistent troll-like behavior is present on the forums.

On the CBT/GET thread, you stated: Your interest in engaging in these arguments is now legendary. You have done so on the CBT/GET thread, on the Simon Wessely and XMRV thread, and on the Medic thread. Your support of members like Esther12 and Holmsey have not earned my trust that you can moderate fairly. Can you defer your own interest in engaging and perpetuating discussions where gratuitious offenses are blatantly and repeatedly committed? As a moderator, I would expect you to attempt to resolve disputes, to stop discussions that are escalating, and to act on behalf of the interest of forum members, rather than indulge your interest in perpetuating troll games.

I understand why Parvofighter stepped in and shined a light on the Sun Exposure issue. It appeared that you were behaving in ways that were in consonance with your previous behavior.

Trolling is an issue on a forum like this.

Members that encourage trolls should not be moderators.

+ 1 my Kim (sorry: couldn't resist, and it's from a purely platonic hermit emeritus ;)

Maarten (as always awed by your critical reasoning powers).

P.S. For Mark: Since I have PM'd with you too: There's no collusion between Kim and me (on this thread, or indeed on the forums, except for some play we engage in, occassionally, and that too is spontaneous, between her and me, and not about ME/CFS) - I say truly. And she is wholly her own person.)