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And now I'd like to return to our formerly scheduled programming.

So Maarten... what's up with the latest design?

I'll try, but I just answered a loooooong post of Mark's (another thread) and may not get the energy together today for much more.

And please: I didn't "design" - I merely copied and pasted and stretched etc. graphically. Another result (a bit better if bigger) is here:

Title: ME: !! Seriour Health GET + CBT Warning !!
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100414a.htm

I liked the images Dr. Yes found and the lady with the tattoo has a fine phoenix on her back. (I'll try to fit it in the PR menu, since its background also fits, for the benefit of the good doctor's healing dreams, but not as A Good Idea (other than ironically, of course)).

Speaking of dreams... I like your dreams-thread and intend to visit it with the awesome info that I virtually never dream nor dreamt, the last 60 years, not even as a child: Perfect wish-fullfilment iin my life, one immediately guesses...

Well, anyway: I don't (consciously or that I remember, except VERY rarely), which also has the advantage I never had a nightmare. (I am pleased with not dreaming myself, even though the few dreams I had were about my meeting women I have loved in the park, innocently also, in full colour and 3D...)

But I am off topic. Later more in this thread, if I can manage it.