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Hi Maarten,

I have read only Orwell's "Animal Farm".

It would be great if you also had some good friends in Sayeret Matkal just to poke some fun at SW

I had to look that one up - it is the Israeli SAS, so to speak - for I don't read or write much about Israel: I know where they are coming from, but not where they are going to, in brief, and also I am an atheist and always have been one, and as long as I could think for myself.

FWIW: My father and mother were very highly regarded in Dutch circles - Auschwitz-survivors and former Dutch resistance fighters - who undoubtedly do have friends and/or family in Sayeret Matkal.

Back to topic: The other books I recommended are very well done also. If you are in any way "a mathematical type" esp. Zamyatin and Zinoviev may appeal (though Zinoviev's book is thick, and requires some knowledge of the former Soviet Union ca. 1960-1980).

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