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With regards to your site, I was not aware that Wessely & co are actually denying that ME is a serious neurological disease in accordance with the WHO. My impression was that they are saying that people are thinking they have it when they do not, that they imagine they have a genuine illness but it is all in their minds, not that the actual illness is false.


Well... yes and no, but that is not your fault. The problem is that Wessely & co play a double-speak game, and are intentionally ambivalent, especially lately. Lately, their trickery runs on these lines



"Yes, there are real somatic diseases you may have, but your "disease" is somatoform - for which reason you (credit our medical scientificality and moral excellency: you should, since we have degrees and understand you better than you understand yourself) will NOT get any bio-medical investigation to find out whether what you think you have is so, but instead you MUST do GET and CBT to keep your dole. We know the likes of you, matey! Trust us! We are UNUM in that!"

ME Agenda has an excellent thread on the DSM-5 which I recommend in this context. (I agree it does not make pleasant reading, but then that's not her fault.)

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