Dear Teej,

Nice seeing you! Hope meanwhile you slept a lot!

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Great Maarten. I expect things to be done around here on ME time. That's the only time I can usually operate in myself. You know I always understand. Congrats on getting so many hits on your site.

Me too.

You're quite right. It'll be later, for meanwhile I put this on my site:

Title: ME: The danger Dr. Myhill is in

... and I did some copying & pasting with images to look at possibilities for a logo.

I'll return later to you about the Recommended Readings.

All the best,


P.S. Daily hits on my site are in the order of 3000 (varies a bit, and I'm more interested in cumulative reading-times, which is between 2 and 4 days every day - but as I said, my site is not precisely an easy or uncontroversial one, also not about other things than ME, but in these things I tend to be very suave, well-spoken, and polite, mostly. (Let's not talk about Heidegger, relativism or po-mo, though...).