Dear Dr. Yes,

As ever I am glad to see and read you, and I think you are quite right:

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Do you think, though, that the WPI letter had something to do with the extra spike yesterday? I really do think that excitement over XMRV - and the drama that seems to come with it! - is the engine of so many things that are happening in the ME/CFS community.

And Maarten --
If Wessely ever tries to take you to court, then I pity the fool!

XMRV: I think you are right - and one of the very good things about XMRV (whatever its eventual causal role with regards to ME) is that it really boosted publicity about ME/CFS and attracted many people to the PR-forums. (And it may be the cause or a main player in the disease...)

Court: I think so too, Doctor, but who knows... I'll be glad if he tries, which he should, in view of his personal reputation, but I guess he'll chicken out, just as with professor Malcolm Hooper, who is a great man, who everyone with ME owes a lot to for his excellent writings and great personal courage, stamina and persistence.

Please take care Dr. Yes - maybe I PM you later today.