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Apr 13, 2010




TWO all time records

Hello Cort and Teej,

Excellent news about the visitors.

What strikes me - probably coincidence though - is that I had 534 different visitors to my site yesterday, that may be also an all time daily high for me too, while meanwhile also on my site there were published these two bits the last two days:

Title: Studies in MEdical Sadism - 7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100411a.htm

Title: Studies in MEdical Sadism - 7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues - P.S.
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100412a.htm

It has also been observed, by one member of the forum I think very highly of, that this is or may be "libelous".

My general response to that is that, having read Wessely's rot over the last half year, he is very welcome to go to court against me: My sites exist for the purposes of (1) fighting my fights over ME and (2) writing out my ideas in philosophy, logic and programming, also to back up (1).

Furthermore, Wessely libeled me AND 17 million others on purpose, systematically, and since 20 years. And for my understanding of human rights and European and Dutch and Danish laws, he has no real rights to do so, and should have no rights to do so, and can do so only because he is a professor of psychiatry, in spite of his obvious mental issues, and scientific incompetence and lies, and because of his power and contacts with the state and the military and the insurance companies in England.

Well, I am a philosopher of science, a psychologist and a logician who knows and can prove, effortlessly also apart from the physical energy required to write it out, that he lies, deceives, misrepresents and manipulates and is a pseudo-scientist. Also, I have ME since 32 years and cannot get help I need to lead a bearable life because of his pseudo-science, and that of his Dutch followers Bleijenberg and Van der Meer.

As to (1): The probability is that I would be dead if I hadn't had my site, and a number of high Amsterdm bureaucrats that were hassling me grievously, with plain personal sadism, in regards with my dole, have been removed from their functions and my life after I named and shamed them (in 2007).

As to (2): Most of the hits I get daily are not to the ME/CFS parts of my site, but to the philosophy and programming parts. That's why it is a probable coincidence.

@Cort: Of course I do not say my own above referenced stuff should (also) be on PR. It is very likely too risky and too extreme or radical. I can afford it on my sites though, and am very well placed for very sharp argumentation and satire about ME, for various reasons, having to do with my intellectual qualifications and abilities, my personal background, my experiences with controversy, my site, and my situation in life (I cannot be blackmailed through having children, a career or property, for example).

Also, being virtually 60 and having ME since 28, I think it is about time to use my satirical, argumentative, logical and philosophical powers to attack what ruined and keeps ruining my chances and my human rights while fouling my human dignity, personal integrity, and even my ability to think rationally and scientifically.

And Wessely (et al) has managed to be on the opposite sides of everything that is high on my rational and my ethical main priorities, and that is an unique achievement in itself. If he goes to court against me, he can expect all manner of publicity, and I hope to get it to the European Court of Human Rights then asap, for I think I can prove both logically and judicially that with ME in Holland most of my human rights have been wilfully destroyed, and that it is total cruel sadism and madness to try to force someone as ill as me since years, including medical people who back up my claims, nevertheless to work, as has been tried twice, in 2004 and 2005, which I could stop only because of my site.

@Teej: I am a bit PEM'd what with above two items (and other things I had to do and answer over the past two days) but I certainly will try to lift off the Recommended Readings, and hope today to surrect a directory-structure and some contents (Canadian Overview, Canadian Criterions...) on my own site, to start with, to having a beginning. I'll mail you later about it - I have just woken up.

In general, I am quite optimistic, for a change, since I think there is excellent news on various scientific fronts, and PR is growing into a very fine community of people with ME/CFS, and a real force to reckon with in the field of ME/CFS.

Either is a first for me, the last 32 years.

Best regards and best wishes,


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