What is "good science?"

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What an excellent question Dreambirdie! I spend a lot of time and trouble on that question/those issues:

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What is "good science?" That's what I've been mulling over for the past 33 years that I've been coping with and attempting to recover from CFS.

I've experienced SO MUCH bad science, that I don't even know where to begin to answer that question. And the bad science has come at me from people CONVINCED with absolute certainty that they KNEW EXACTLY what was wrong with me, and what I should be doing about it. Many of these people were scientists and doctors, propped up by degrees and reputations (and egos), that they mortared themselves into like impenetrable fortresses. My option was to: either duke it out with them and prove to them how wrong they were and how right I was, (which I attempted for a while, against the wishes of my own body), or to reject them and walk away. And believe me, walking away was a hard choice, but it was the best choice for me at that time. And over time, it's proven to be the best choice again and again.

It took me far too long to GET IT that being right was NOT something I had to prove to anyone, even myself. And damn, I wasted so much energy and time in that process! At the same time, I've also come to see that whenever someone else has to prove TO ME how right they are, I am equally as repelled by their certainty, as I am by my need to prove my own.

That's why I have chosen to avoid the "science" related debates on this forum. Having witnessed such a broad diversity of "physical organisms" as I have here, I can bet that there will not be a one size fits all conclusion to the disease of CFS, and how best to manage or overcome it... and how much (or how little) psychology will be helpful for each "specimen" in that process. What works (and has worked) for me is probably not going to be the EXACT RIGHT THING for the next person. So be it!

Good science, in my now revised definition, has to do with giving up certainty and surrendering to NOT KNOWING, with the intention of being willing to find out. This requires huge doses of patience and restraint, and a willingness to pull the reigns in on anticipation and premature definitive conclusions.

Let's wait and see what happens, is a good place to come from. My wish is that there be a little more of that around here.

Here is at least a reference that outlines rational answers, approaches, methods, and findings as regards What is "good science?":



Title: Ten good modern philosophy texts
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2009/NL091110a.htm

You may ask: Didn't I write science?! I answer: It's mostly philosophy of science and a fine very readable introduction to and exposition of fundamental physics (Toralda di Franca).

It's a lot of text, not really written for brains hindered by ME, but what I found very good in 40+ years of serious reading concerned with What is "good science?" - and "science" means "knowledge", as y'all ken, and you are quite right probability plays a key role in the search for knowledge, Dreambirdie.

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P.S. If I speak in riddles, I speak in riddles (he said with perfect logical truth). But the ten books are really good, though a LOT of text.