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Apr 10, 2010




Partial elucidation of professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues

Hello Koan,

This is an amazing thread with lots of facts I did not know but that certainly strongly support my analysis of the man. I'll probably work this over for my site.

I do have one elucidation. You wrote (I snip what I don't react to):


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I am left, always, wondering who in this man's early life was ill -- one of his parents, his mother perhaps? Why did that upset him so much and why has he been unable to come to terms with his anger and anxiety as an adult doctor.

No matter what scenario he is faced with, he finds a way to explain all symptoms and distress as whinging. It's stunning. It's also pathological. I do not believe he is a happy or a well adjusted human being.

He clearly isn't and seems to be compensating a lot. My own guess is that it may have to do with his father, who was in a train to Treblinka during WW II, which was a German death-camp ('Vernichtungslager', in German). The least this caused in many people who survived this (few) was PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He may well have been maltreated by his father.

I don't think that excuses anything he did - and my father survived almost 4 years of German concentration- camp, but not for being Jewish, but for being a communist resistance fighter. These tended to survive the camps in better condition than people arrested for being Jewish.

As it happens, I am an atheist who is circumcised (not a common operation in Holland, as it is in the US), and I have known several Jewish Communist comrades of my father - "Jewish Bolsheviks": The most hated by the SS in the concentration-camps - who indeed were in the same camps as my father was, for the same reason (and who didn't let on they were of "an inferior race", in Goebbels' terms).

This is one of the reasons, by the way, I am no fan of 'human equality' all the way down, or 'respect' for anyone for being there, in an apparent human form: I know more than most of my generation and later ones about what happened in German concentration-camps, and there simply were human beasts, like dr. Mengele.

Anyway... Simon Wessely is a very despicable man, and the fact that there may be some sort of lame excuse and partial explanation changes nothing about it and is no exonaration or mitigation.

Also, if necessary I will needle him in this way, psychoanalytically perfectly justified also, on my site, for I despise people out on harming, hurting, denigrating, maltreating and deceiving people who did them no harm whatsoever. And I despise post-modern dr. MEngeles who can't even excuse themselves they did their misdeeds during a war, in a totalitarian state.

They make me sick with moral disgust, as indeed my father was sickened with moral disgust on seeing the razzias on the Jews in Amsterdam.


P.S. One reason Simon Wessely sickens up to the military so much may well be that after WW II many of the surviving Jews blamed themselves for not having resisted (more).

A little later: See

Title: ME: Elucidating professor Simon Wessely many mental issues
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100410a.htm

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For Dutchmen: Here is my father on his experiences in the camps when applying for a socalled Resistance-Pension, which he got - a miserably small one, on purpose, because he still was a communist:

Title: Mijn vader verhaalt van concentratie-kampen:
Link: https://maartensz.org/meinadam/vader.htm

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