Hello all,

I am just awake, and will PM Dr.Yes, Kim, Orla and Koan (and some others, not on this thread, who PM'ed me) later about my plan on another thread 'to roll our own' recommendations or public reference library of what doctors and patients should know about ME but were lied about.

As to this thread: Dr. Yes asked:

Do you know if Wessely was a consultant for any military organizations (including NATO) when this 'study' was being done?

Yes, and his con game with war veterans is the same as with ME-patients: It's neurasthenia, PRECISELY what Wilfred Blunt, Siegfried Sassoon and many others were told during WWI - you're a mad bad wimp if you say this war or this gas is killing you: it's all in you sick and diseased mind - get a grip, be A Real Man and proper Brit, and go back to Passchendaele immediately, if you don't want to be courtmartialed or sectioned for life. And here is the link to his offical bio

-- http://www.iop.kcl.ac.uk/staff/profi....aspx?go=10206

which opens thus

Professor Simon Wessely MA BM BCh MSc MD FRCP FRCPsych FMedSci
Professor of Epidemiological and Liaison Psychiatry
Director, King's Centre for Military Health Research.
Vice Dean, Academic Psychiatry, Teaching and Training: Institute of Psychiatry.

Some bits from it

His research has covered epidemiology, post traumatic stress, psychological debriefing, chronic fatigue syndrome, history, chronic pain, somatisation, Gulf War illness, military health and terrorism. In the first part of his career his main areas of research focussed around clinical epidemiology, and with special emphasis on unexplained symptoms and syndromes, most particularly the chronic fatigue syndrome.

For the last ten years his research has shifted towards various aspects of military health. Beginning with a a series of multi disciplinary studies into Gulf War Illness, he has also studied psychological stressors of military life, PTSD, risk communication, risk and benefits of military service, screening and health surveillance within the Armed Forces, social and psychological outcomes of ex service personnel, and historical aspects of war and psychiatry.


Advisory: Advisor in Psychiatry for British Army Medical Services: Chair, Nato Working Group on Psychosocial Consequences of Chem/Bio Terrorism: Risk Communication issues for MOD, NATO and others: Science and Media Centre. Member of the Scientific Advisory Panel on Emergency Response (SAPER) and now the Defence Scientific Advisory Council (DSAC).

In brief: He is a real sadistic creep, very probably quite consciously so, also in very powerful positions in England: A mad and bad rotter, of major proportion - a Dr. Strangelove who knows he is one, and thoroughly enjoys it, a real griefer also. See:

-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100405a.htm
-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100305a.htm
-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griefer

He enjoys power and enjoys harming and hurting people for kicks, for payment or because his superiors tell him so. He knows what he is doing, for decades, which is why he choose these subjects. And he plays the Catch 22 game with relish and on purpose: 'You must be mad to think you're not mad' especially if a man of Simon's eminence, a Real Psychiatrist also, tells you your complaints have no somatic explanation whatsoever.

Anyway... that answers Dr. Yes's question. My own guess is that he reads histories like those of Jonathan, that I quoted here

-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100301a.htm

with a swollen schnozzle, for

"We never hurt each other but by error or by malice."
-- (Sir Robert Chambers + Dr. Johnson,
A Course of Lectures on the English Law, vol I)

Or as Jens BjØrneboe said it, in the first of his three books on The History of Bestiality in human history

""Makt (..) betyr bare én ting: adgang til aa paafØre andre smerte" =
"Power (..) means only one thing: the ability to cause another pain".

And what he is playing is the old neurasthenia-card, as in WWI, for the benefit of the state, the insurance-companies (he also worked for: UNUM), and the military, to save these from criticism and having to pay ill people and ill former soldiers, and indeed people poisoned with aluminium in their watersupplies:

"It's all in your head", Simon says, "and if you deny this you just PROVE I am right" (transference and countertransference).

If I were a Catholic, I'd believe he comes from hell, is proud of it, and just loves telling the people he burns personally laughingly that they just imagine their pains because of their false beliefs, general wimpiness, lack of psychiatric nous, and that what they really suffer from is 'dysfunctional belief systems '(1990-2010) a.k.a. 'neurasthenia' (1890-1920) a.k.a. possession by succubi & incubi (1200-1700).

Aahh well... a real rotter.

Now I start waking up properly, and later this day (European time) I'll PM some.

Maarten. (MSc. psychology, BA philosophy)

P.S. Something else: Do NOT underestimate this sadistic creep, not so much because he has real intellectual nous, for he has not (e.g. compared to those who have, like Roger Penrose) but because he has very much power and is the very willing Doberman Pincher of his government, and those living under English law may be sectioned by him or his cronies.