O how I envy my Kim, Me Loon that I am (sorry for me prole language, miss):

[b] ' "Yodeling - Common Loon" Limited Edition: ' /b]


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It's so wonderful!!!

I had forgotten how blue the sky was.

I didn't know how golden yellow the tops of the oak trees were.

Oh, the swaying. The breeze. The birds.

I even took a little nap, holding my guitar. I guess I got a little tired playing and zzzzz....

I'm in L.O.V.E. with my new hammock.

I'm so glad for you, Kim! I don't play the guitar, but it seems precisely the place to work on the Summa Logicae I still should finish, and also may do some proper relaxing, yodellng a.s.o. ...

You always have such good, sensible, practical therapeutical ideas, also clearly reasoned out!

Once properly embraced in a hammock, gently rocking, life looks line new love in spring, and one may even forget all about me.


P.S. Sans sous-entendus: Kim, Me Loon: 'ow come this 'ere imagery stuff 'igher up - yonder yodeling loon - 'as no proper show? Any ideas, luv?