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Thanks Marteen

Ive just done a search but didnt find an answer so I'll just have to keep looking I guess.

Ive been following XMRV pretty closely on the web and Corts Forum for a while now. Has anyone already posted on this? Im pretty sick so it was hard even writing that comment but for me its an issue I need an answer to.
I've had a miserable life with this for 34 years now since May 1976 at the age of 15 and it has seemed like year after year no research and endless waiting. I had really just given up looking at research untill now.


I am very sorry to hear how ill you are and or how long. Since I write my comments easier I must be fitter than you, and I have been ill for 32 years, starting at age 28. Ah well...

Here as to finding things out about XMRV:

(1) There are 4 categories on XMRV in the opening menu with many posts that may have what you seek
(2) The Phoenix website - http://www.aboutmecfs.org/ - to which the forums are attached, has a LOT of information on XMRV, very well done also
(3) Actually, I myself, although a scientist, do not read very deeply into XMRV, simply because I lack the biochemistry to judge it sensibly, and reading up on biochemistry would take too much of me.

More important:

(4) Whether XMRV is or is not the cause of ME: It produced a lot of good for patients with ME (such as many members for the forums, including me).

Most important:

(5) BE NOT AFRAID TO ASK the forum:

There are many people here who know a lot, and these are very friendly and helpful forums.

(6) For example, you can start your own thread, with a question "Does anybody know..."

That's one of the main things the forum is for, after all: Share experiences with ME, and information, guesses, ideas about it and exchange experiences about therapies, supplements drugs etc.

Maybe (6) is the best for you. It is explained under FAQ in the topmenu, and if you don't get it, just holler and I or somebody else will explain.

Best wishes,