Hello IslandFinn,

I think I meanwhile - slow, that's me - saw a relation to Huckleberry of that ilk, also on an island sometimes...

Wow Lugdunum - what an amazing first post! Welcome to the forum.

I agree with you Andrew and Michelle. It would be great to share what we have for reading lists for doctors on each topic, and have one for every topic. Maybe we could start threads, titled something like Doctor's Reading List: PEM no discussion and compile the good articles we have.

Hmm, in thinking about it, realize we want one page that everyone can print out to bring to their doctor. I guess then we'd need a preliminary thread like this, Submit PEM articles for Doctor's Reading List, and then someone who will collate them all on one locked thread, Doctor's Reading List: PEM

I don't know. What does everyone think? Do you think that will work? Do you think it would be worth doing? (it seems wonderful to she who wants to database the world, but am I going too far?)

If people think it would be valuable, I'll volunteer to do it for PEM. Am writing a note to myself to tackle it when I feel a bit better. If anyone wants it faster, or has already done it, I will cede my spot in the volunteer line - just let me know.

EXCELLENT IDEA, IF! And indeed with the "Submit" option first. Oh, and with "Recommend" somewhere in the title of the end-product, and with various sub-categories (folders or folderlike) for various subjects.