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Apr 5, 2010




About the moral and intellectual gifts of psychologists & psychotherapists

Hello Jennie,

I think I am mostly with Dr. Yes, Orla and Mithriel here, but I am not an American and know very little of the CAA (and so also very little against it)

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Ms. McCleary is a non-voting member of the nominating committee.

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Kim is in her 20th year now. If I understand it correctly she sits on all the permanent committees and the nominating committee is a permanent committee.

I think there are now three psychologists on the board and all this effort is being put into CBT GET, etc.

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Do you know them? Please be honest about when you are speculating. Two of these three psychologists have CFS, and the third is the mother of a patient. NOT A SINGLE ONE believes in the psych school of CFS, or that CBT/GET are treatments for CFS. This kind of conjecture is how rumors get started.

Well... I am willing to believe they are honourable people who mean well, but I am a psychologist myself, and I know of NO honest and intelligent psychologist who believes (when among psychologists, to be sure (!)) that psychology is a real science or that psychological therapies (of whatever kind, for whatever purpose) are based on real and adequate knowledge of human beings and what the therapy is supposed to relieve or heal.

Also, although I see a small niche for 'professional counselling' I'd say, as a psychologist also, that for people with ME a - good - G.P. is much better equipped than - even a good - psychologist.

According to me, most of the "Evidence Based Research" by psychotherapists and psychologists into ME/CFS (and Lyme, and FM, that my excellent, alas pensioned G.P. co-diagnosed me with: ME/FM) is NOT for the benefit of patients, for they are investigating a physical disease they don't have the knowledge for to properly understand, but for the benefit of psychologists & psychotherapists to get a larger chunk of health-insurance money, eventually or soon, and chalk up their reputations by publishing about a subject they can babble about as they please.

In principle - as TeejKay and Mithriel have argued on other threads - counselling and psychologists & psychotherapists have as much a role to play in curing or helping or coping with Lymphoma or cancer as with ME - and there the same applies again: In these cases a good GP, having a FAR better understanding of physical illness than almost any psychologist, however good & honest, is far more effective, besides costing less or no money for 'professional counsellling' (surely a virtual oxymoron, like 'honest advertising') or psychotherapy.

Finally, being myself a psychologist:

A considerable worry for me, not for myself but for those without my qualifications, is that I consider the majority of psychologists, especially those involved in 'professional councelling' and in 'psycho-therapy' as incompetent, dishonest or both, and that I have seen quite a few students and graduates of psychology I consider - well, let's use the term neurasthenic: The would-be Saviours & Helpers of the Psychically Suffering because they are themselves in need of help, in a somewhat better organized world.

Psychologists and psychotherapists really should not be involved with ME/CFS, except when a good G.P., with sane bio-medical ideas about ME/CFS, sees a need, and he or she can then refer the patient.



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