Mistress Dreambirdie,

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Mr Maareten. Please be informed, that I'm not a Freudian, I'm a Jungian.

I stand humbly corrected, unless Jung was - in the deepest of his heart of hearts - a Fraudian too, just like Sigmund and Simon. And as you know Our Holy Church of FIBS (surely overriding all shrinked crap, one would guess) turns around the eternal verities established by Cant and Fraud that



1. All humans have great problems, especially if they don't believe this.
2. All human problems can be solved by studying Cant and paying a Fraudian half of your income, unless your are young and attractive, in which case therapeutical miracles are wrought on the couch, by administrations to a member of the Fraudian brotherhood.
3. Whoever refutes Cant or Fraud thereby proves the truth of these doctrines.

I'd guess Jungians also have deeply grokked this Trinitarian Eternal Truth, haven't they?

And alas, I have no sound on my present computer, so I could not properly digest your Jungian Proof. (Sounds like an oxymoron, but them I am an Ockhamist of Sextusian leanings.) However... I liked the initial beamed text, and the rest looks like a blue movie.

This is the True Jungian Teaching, then? If Choir Mistress Kim allows & Dr. Yes consents, I may change from my current Tantric Epicureanism....

And I never knew Jung also proved his teachings by blue movies.... live and learn, live and learn, as they say.

Reverential greetings, PYCtorial goddess of Our CoFIBs, I am off to have a wink, I hope. (Or even two.)