Lovely Angela,

I might soon be starting to dream of you in unbecoming ways (see the Dr. Yes thread), but of course you are quite right and I thank you:

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Hi Mark

I should very quickly say that Maarten and I have written to each other privately and talked through our positions, and I think we have both emerged mutually respectful and understanding of each other's work, and that we are perhaps not so different in our understandings of advocacy and even other issues. Maarten has been very kind to me. We're ok : )

Quite so, Angela, and you have been very kind to me too!

However, in exoneration of Mark: He means well, and he did PM me, and I him, and he is hard at work as a new moderator.

So... it seems all is fine with Our Good Ship Phoenix.

Best wishes to both of you and the rest of Our Heavenly Choir,


P.S. Here is my academic reference to enlightened feminist practices among my peers or betters: