Hello My Dearest Doctor,

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I have many, many questions about this... but one that comes to mind is: are those female monkeys faking it?

It seems a scienteefeecally completely clear case of

p(Fruitful Outcomes|Yodeling) >> p(Fruitful Outcomes|~Yodeling), whence
p(Fruitful Outcomes|Yodeling) >> p(Fruitful Outcomes|)..............., whence

Ergo: More Yodelling Is Relevant, Indicated & Productive.

QED (...as we scientists say...)

Didn't I tell you I love science (& Kim by PM)?

I am off to sleep. (Awaiting your PM.)

P.S. I never ever would have thought I would and could have loved yodeling (SOED 1937 allows both l and ll, for the pedants, hence all members of CoFIB always spelled PC & PYC) soooooo much, or indeed at all, if indeed conceivably, quod non. And then Kim came, for me, and many other fine creative minds, also in strong evidence... (I start to sentimentalize. Off to bed with me!)