fr(DS)en(DB) a.k.a. Dreambirdie, for the mathematically challenged!

You know I have only the best plans with you (and with Kim and with others, iff PYCtorially Correct, of course), but pray, o divine one, looking at your one and only hubbie-to-be....

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I was on my way to church.... honest I was... when I picked up this weird hitchhiker.

...I can clearly see why you would want him for his evident radiant mega-intelligence and his Tom Cruise like looks & brains, but speaking as your parttime therapist also: Are you certain sure - in your very own mind, dear - that he is not a sort of closeted fruitcake?

Please take care, I beg you: The male of the species very often is a tricky & devious sort of b*st*rd while the female of the species all too often is taken in - would all you supersmart ladies on this forum believe it? - by mere external charms & secondary gender characteristics.

Evidently , you didn't know this yet, so I thought it was my bounden therapist's moral duty to enlighten ALL ye lovely females on this forum:

Before definitely signing up (or moving in) with any sort of seemingly plausible hubbie...

By the bowels of Jesus Christ! Bethinkest thee that thou may'st be mistaken!


For we really don't want to miss you, (semi-)divine artful Dreambirdie, since we all wish you the very best, health-wise & hubby-wise, me included (though I grant I may be just a little jealous of the fella': how I wish I had his looks, so as to better impress Kim!) - but please Dreambirdie, please: We of the True CoFIBs beware of falsifications (of all kinds). (We must or else our lives' chances are fully wasted, instead of just partially, as is human all too human, alas.)


P.S. Did I hear you whisper, in your best doubledutch, that he is Ger Bleijenberg?!

(If so: marry him a.s.a.p. is my urgent benevolent advice, for he is making heaps and heaps and heaps of money in my native land from the local health-firms and the local Dutch cloggies, boors, uncles a.s.o. who all are most easily taken in by the likes of him (as well).

So yes, he is an awfully smart guy, albeit a bit of a fruitcake with it, if you don't mind my saying so. O, yes, superfluously speaking.... after having signed up, you just follow the lovely ex-mrs. Cleese and ex-mrs. McCartney's examples - but since you are A Real Woman that goes without saying or stressing by a mere male like me. Skaal to both of you! That your paths may be blessed!)