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Mar 31, 2010




Am I having Kimistic Hallucinations, dysfunctional beliefs or WTF is going on here?!

Mark.... amaze me:


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Starting to believe me now?

Aren't you FALSIFYING our Own Churches' PYCtorial Cathechism as revealed to the weary world of socalled CFS-loonies, which to the best of my enlightened understanding (and let me tell ya, bub: I was a kimologist even before I knew, which is A Genuine Miracle (tm)), mate?!!

Are you perhaps A False Prophet?!! Let me correct you, for the truth - as it seems to me - is HERE:


(alas, nearly at full lifesize She needs 427 Kb to reveal Her Full Glory and what she is all about with showing up The Truth about The Real BS Freaks of this world. To the benefit and enlightenment of all, also.)

Now you're telling me - ME who ought to KNOW - that this is Kim:


???? What's GOING on with you completely MAD loonies????!!!

Puzzled, very, very puzzled,


P.S. The Real Kim (tm) = The Real Kim (tm), as PROVEN by Mathematical Logic (believe me, Mark: You do NOT want to see the Full Proof) so I suppose you're telling me I must be hallucinating?! I mean.... The Real Kim (tm) is perfect, is perfectly lovable (and - let me inform all sick wankers! - also fully inflatable with 3 pickles in all colours for just a little tiny bit more) and is truly adorable in ANY human packaging, but even so... you broke the PYCtorial Cathechism's Infallible Ruling. (If I am not hallucinating, that is, after all this yodeling I did the last days, with ME and Kim and the Whole Choir.)

P.P.S. Those Modemically Challenged and others suffering from a very low HQ (Humor Quotient, ye cognitively challenged of all Races and Genders) should be aware that The Real Kim is not - repeat: NOT - cheaply available, and takes all of 427 Kb, whereas the false one - even if she has nice boobs: y'all see my native fairness - does come much more cheaply, and is guaranteed by KCL, CDC and NICE to fully satisfy - iff inflated properly and with loving kindness - ALL lesser gifted males of all countries. O, and females too, of course, for on THIS forum for the insane & cognitively challenged any kind of discrimination is GANZ UND GAR GEHOERIG VERBOTEN. In the interest of all!

(I may rectify or supplement this post later, as required by moderators or when in further fitness for GET & GYT.)

Now also available, with all hallucinatory imagery properly (?) inserted at


Enjoy! (Sorry Kim: ♥)

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