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Mar 3, 2010





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If even ME can be a subject of laughter, what has the world come to?

Well, can't you think, twit? To :



The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Forums (ME/CFS Forums) at the PHOENIX RISING

Not good for your health (if you can't think)!
Only attended by sickos, shrinks and Wesselytes, it is rumoured.
Cures only by laughter, for the moment, hence NOT medically warranted.

Healthwarning: May kill those with low humor-quotients!!
Healthwarning B: May kill those with high humor-quotients!!
General Healthwarning: Do NOT read this. (CDC & NICE & KCL Advice)

Pastoral & Doctoral Guidance STRONGLY adviced.
(Only fit for FIB-cultits & Monthy Python addicts!) (PYC!))

(PYC, for those sorely lacking in Croato-Dutch: Politically Yodeling Correct, if not - also - according to the Pickled Yodeling Cathechism.)

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