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Mar 29, 2010





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I actually understood more than 50% of that! This is thanks in part to you having a relatively more lucid moment, but mostly to me modifying my translation protocol. Now I translate everything you write from (whatever language you write in) to Croatian to English via Dutch, using Google Translate and Babel Fish during the runs. This seems to have increased the accuracy; check this out, for example:

Much better.


Dr.Yes and Kim et alii are trying to kill us with laughter! SOS! SOS! SOS! Terrorist alarm!

(Your dutch dysfunctional beliefsytem, in state of neurasthenic anxiety and delusions of grandeur, between ridiculous fits of ludicrositus Wesselanitikul!)

P.S. What is worse and absolutely unforgivable is that Dr.Yes and Kim et alii are trying to kill ME with laughter! ME!! How DARE they?!

This is unacceptable! Correct this immediately! My life is at stake! No more ME, because it dissolves in profane laughter!

I am dying, moderators! They are killing ME! Where are you? This is intolerable both above and below: (Horror-alert!)

Is there then nothing left that is Holy and Sacred?! Is everything relative?! Where is our correct spirituality?!

If even ME can be a subject of laughter, what has the world come to?


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