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This is who I am. I am an administrator on these forums. I have come to you about something you posted. It is insulting another member. She has already tried to talk to you about this and gotten more ridicule from you. I have asked you to make appropriate changes.

We also require courtesy be directed toward administrators and moderators, and challenging my right to speak to you doesn't do this.

So I am simply going to repeat, Your statement here, and your subsequent response to Angela is not acceptable. Please correct the situation.

I know you are an American woman who calls herself Jodi. I read some of your posts and drew conclusions about what you can and cannot do.

I raised a number of points in my previous post that you simply deign not to answer, and repeating what I find incomprehensible in logic and improper in morality does not improve your argument, especially not since I have said so already, quite politely under the circumstances.


Your statement here, and your subsequent response to Angela is not acceptable. Please correct the situation.

Also, I personally find it not acceptable that people tell me what is not "acceptable", without giving a reasoned argument. See? I do YOU the politeness of telling you kindly WHY I do not find something "acceptable".

I tend now to think that you are being deliberately insulting. Since according to the only other moderator "Everything is relative" I suppose I better mail Cort and open my site for proper singing about latterday po-mo and how it undermines the chances of patients with ME if you persist in telling me what you believe I should and should not do, without telling me plainly why and even without telling me what is the "correct" thing you have in your mind.

And no Jodi, it is not true about you "This is what I am": You play the role of administrator. C'est tout. You are at once much less and much more, as a human person, but for the moment you seem to confuse what and who you are with your current role - "human alll too human", by the way.

Also, you probably mean well - but I think you also play an authority-game, and I know you transgressed moral boundaries knowingly, for reasons of cupidity, as the Protestant Theologians had it - but you are simply mistaken.

You get me to do what you want me to do by cogent rational argument in reasonable words or you don't get me to do what you want. It is as simple as that, ever since I was 3. It's also what my parents taught me.

And if you are not willing to engage in cogent rational argument in reasonable words that is YOUR choice.

Two other points.

A. At present your moderating seems necessary in another thread, I think, with Esther12 and Angela
B. I play the game of being moderated because the way people are, in vast majority, alas.

Several of the rules of the moderation of this forum I object to, and specifically that moderators are supposed to have the right to alter MY posts.

Here is MY rule in this respect for me and yoiu better respect it: If you feel fit to decide what should be read on this forum, you may delete my posts, if they don't fit your prejudices about what is politically correct on this forum and not, that you style "acceptable", because that sounds more anti-septic.

If my posts in this thread disappear, I chalk it up to you and Angela, but OK - such are the rules of the game (and I stress game).

But anyone who alters my posts and leaves them standing altered with my name attached falsifies intentionally what I wrote and is my enemy. (I hope you understand this: What I think and feel shall not be misrepresented nor falsified. Also being a fairminded man: Do not delude yourself about your capacity to understand me. I am too different, and from a too different background. And yes, it works both ways: I too cannot fully comprehend you.)

If you don't answer my questions in this post or withdraw your own, this "discussion" is finished, for I do not suffer foolishness gladly, and you are not the sort of person fit to order me around as if you are an authority-figure. (And yes: Kim may do so. But she is - alas - not administrator anymore. And Kim may do so for the sole reason that I have read many of her posts and concluded she has an excellent mind and is a very fine person. Such a one can make demands on me, also if I don't follow her for the moment. But she may comprehend me and I her, and you and I and most others on this forum - so far, at least - not, and that's noone's fault either.)

Then: I accept and appreciate you want to help the forum and persons with ME, and so do I - but please don't act as if you "are" what is merely one of the roles you play, and don't grow high on illusions of authority or righteousness, and also don't get irritated by what you deign to call my arrogance. (I plead guilty, and am an aristocrat. You would be, with my genes and life. As you see, I don't blame you, i.a. because I wallow in arrogant self-respect.)

And since I am still trying to be fair: Once more, Angela Kennedy should have pm'ed me if she can't stand my ways. She has a sociologist's brain - pace Feynman - which neither she nor I can help, but given what I think about some of the things she wrote she should feel happy I was so kind not to argue with her.

And now this deviousness (as it must appear, since you don't explain yourself)! : "Miss! Miiissss! That naughty boy there - yes that arrogant one there: see him smile and smile! - doubted my pretensions and I can't handle him myself! Please miss, please: punish him!"

"O Lord, forgive them, for they don't know what they do."


P.S. "Les hommes sont si pervers que le seul espoir et même le seul désir de les corriger, de les voir raisonnables et honnêtes, est un absurdité, une idée romanesque qui ne se pardonne qu'à la simplicité de la première jeunesse." -- Chamfort