"Bethinkest thee, by the bowels of Jesus Christ, that thou may'st be mistaken!"
-- Oliver Cromwell, to some Christian

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I'm not sure why you dragged Angela's name into this, but I have received a few complaints about the fact that you have done so. In reading through this thread I am noticing that Angela has tried to talk with you about this more than once. Your response has been to entertain yourself at her expense. Sometimes your arrogance plays well, and sometimes it does not. In this case, it really doesn't.

Your statement here, and your subsequent response to Angela is not acceptable. Please correct the situation.

(Step 1 of x:)

In what capacity do you write this?

I have received no complaints, no private messages, no e-mails about it, from absolutely no one. If anyone had wanted to know why I wrote as I wrote, in a rational and polite manner, or felt not well about something I wrote, the polite and rational way is to raise the matter in private mail or in e-mail with me.

And if that doesn't work, perhaps then it is time to hand in "a few complaints" - how many? - to a moderator.

You know how to manage pms, Angela does, both of you know of my website (more than 100 MB of texts I wrote):

-- www.maartens.org

where e.g.

-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL10.htm

shows I regularly wrote about the Phoenix forums these past months, and always with praise except where miraculous cures of ME are concerned.

Also, I really don't understand much of what you wrote, esp. not the last paragraph. Bear with me, please: some people really are cognitively challenged, I can tell you, as pro also, gratis for the moment. Relatively speaking, I no doubt am one of them, so please explain:

- "your subsequent response" ..... which, when, where, when, in what way?
- "accepable" ........ relative to what, who, when, where, why (and whose God, if any, and/or laws)?
- "correct" ............ what, where, why, for who, according to who?
- "the situation" .... meaning what?

And please remember that some people have problems with logic, the meanings of words, their own mandates, their own rights and with morality, and that I - poor me - am one of them.


P.S. This is step 1 of x, where x is as large as needed, eventually on my website.

Are you sure you want to disagree with me about this, Jodi? Are you sure Angela Kennedy, feminist sociologist, wants to be sung to by me on my website? (There are 1000s of Dutchmen, mostly professors, yea even of sociology, who'd rather jump in front of a fast approaching train, I've learned over the last decades of my prosaic existence.)

However... if that is what you and Angela Kennedy really want, that's fine with me. I'd much rather read logic or follow Kim's yodeling therapy, as far as singing is concerned, which lately also has been mentally most beneficent for me, I can tell you, so CYT WORKS I can tell you, as a pro also, yea it ROCKS, but if I really must facilitate your and Angela's wishes in a bid for eternal fame by way of my site then this will be my command, in spite of my strong yodeling urges and logical preferences.

Also, let me assure you: My site is a totally unmoderated site, running on strong principles of free speech and strong Radical Critiqueing (if you forgive my French). No moderator will try to interfere there! So who knows how this will give a major impetus to your and her careers in the future! IF I can be lured away from reading logic and from yodeling with Kim, that is.

P.P.S. Also it seems my crime was that I wrote the following
Ca 1980 - when I studied, and Angela Kennedy may be glad to hear it - one could get academic degrees in sociology, political science or philosophy by course points given for squatting and for political activism.

Do you want to tell me Jodi, that I am lying here?

If Angela Kennedy is not glad to hear this, and doesn't believe I was ironical, why doesn't she pm me? May I not say it may be spring if it is not spring? Or is this too much for the sensitivities of some tender souls? (This IS my crime, is it not? That I said that A may be glad when she is not? And that she wished not to mail about privately? But instead complained to the miss of the class?)

Is it then perhaps allowed to write that 2+2 may be 4? Or do I HAVE to use Feminist (or Christian) Algebra on this forum to count as PC? Or may I on this forum only say that 2+2 may be 5, if the moderators allow it, of course, on behest of "a few" anonymous complaints of clearly very brave souls, that also may be very po-mo-ish PC, and possessed of a spine of steel?

What sort of standards inform your judgments about me in your post? What do you really know and understand about me? Or (feminist) sociology, po-mo-ified or not? (And mind you, Jodi: Other than most on this forum I can be seized up from a large personal webite, that exists 14 years now. I am not a mere "You-must-accept-what-I-say" sort of functionally anonymous person: "My credibility = my anonymity.") By what sort of po-mo have you convinced yourself that you are the person to tell me what is - po-mo-term! - "acceptable"?

Ever heard that - po-mo incantation! - "Everything is relative"?