Hello Koan, Gracenote and Sushi,

I quote Sushi whose post was last:

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I also think something like this is a good idea. I'd guess many of us have already done this privately--I know I have exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers with a number of members. I have also given one member the contact info for one of my close "healthy" friends who would know what was up if I disappeared from my usual forums.

Yes, a good safety net and also a way of letting other members what is happening if someone "goes missing."

No idea about the Nuts & Bolts though,

Precisely, what you and Gracenote said, and also in case somebody needs help with doctors etc.

I can't say what difference it will make in practice for particular people, but I myself have been considerably helped by the mere fact that I do maintain a large site myself, that's also well-read for reasons having nothing to do with ME - maartensz.org - on which I can nail persons publicly, if I feel thus inclined, in my own prose. It has helped me a lot, and a doctor or bureaucrat who knows that he can be named and shamed treats me more carefully than were I without that means, which is the main reason that it and I still exist.