MM on ME


Mar 26, 2010




Wessely is everywhere

There is an interesting piece on the interesting blog (also about ME/CFS) of Neuroskeptic, a British neuroscientist who writes pseudonymously to be able to write (more of) the truth (if necessary). I like his blog.

Title: How Blind is Double-Blind? (dated March 24, presently the current one)

He discusses an article in the "the current American Journal of Psychiatry: Assuring That Double-Blind Is Blind." and an earlier one: Moncrieff J, Wessely S, & Hardy R (2004). "Active placebos versus antidepressants for depression."

I mentioned it because I saw the thread; am interested in "the placebo-effect"; like the blog; and noted well-known trickcyclist.

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