Hello Angela,

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Maarten wrote: "Ca 1980 - when I studied, and Angela Kennedy may be glad to hear it - one could get academic degrees in sociology, political science or philosophy by course points given for squatting and for political activism."

Maarten, I really have to ask, what on EARTH makes you think I would be glad of such absurdities? That's such a strange and insulting thing for you to say.

Please explain yourself.

It's called "irony" in lit.crit. classes. I have now for 20 minutes been busy with this crazy vBulletin software to find the post in which you and Gerwyn and I discussed (let's say) philosophy of science, but I have to log out from this software to be able to see my own posts, and the search stuff of this vBulletin software also produces zilch, and I am also dysfunctionally so "fatigued" I couldn't even yodel for money.

Anyway... if you REALLY want to discuss po-mo with me (and it seems to me, who knows that dragon for over 30 years, that what you believe about science seems much like an attenuated form of po-mo), and without copping out also, I am willing to do so, here or on my site, but before you girt on your harnass to do battle with this philosophical dragon perhaps you should take a peep at my site:

-- https://maartensz.org/

especially in the philosophy-parts. (Yes... it's a LOT of text. There also is some very fine satire, but alas it is in Dutch. And I have never met a professor who dared to discuss with me in public, in talking or in writing, who had tried it once, or who had read my published writings. Instead, they told their secretaries to tell me "The scientific staff of this university" - of Amsterdam - "would like it very much if Maarten Maartensz were dead", having run into one of my published satires, called "Truth and Value" in Dutch.)

My kind advice to you is to say "no", but your academic work, daughter's needs, change of address, pressures of work a.s.o. may have been resolved and the resulting leisure now may have given you the energy to cop in again and do battle with this old and grizzled enemy of all things po-mo-ish.

For now, here is the explanation you so kindly asked for, pointwise for the logically educated:

(1) "When I studied (..) one could get academic degrees in sociology, political science or philosophy by course points given for squatting and for political activism."

Literal truth. (If not "social construct", of course.)

(2) These coursepoints were mostly handed out by professors with neo-marxist, feminist, po-mo and/or critical (Frankfurter Schule/French structuralist/po-mo type "critical") stances.

Literal truth. (If not "social construct", of course, and if these professors were not lying about their public stances or totally incompetent, both of which are quite possible - and indeed since then ALL have recanted as soon as po-mo became unfashionable.)

(3) What you explained to me in the thread that I couldn't find with vBulletin's software, before you copped out or at least ceased to discuss, because of a multitude of pressing tasks, sounded like attenuated po-mo to me.

Literal truth. (Of course, sometimes in my life I have - I believe - been mistaken about some things, and I read my first po-mo text - Roland Barthes's "Le degrée zero de la literature", if I recall well - in the late sixties, but you may well not know how po-mo-ish you may sound on occasion, or not care, or whatever, but that's what it DOES sound to me. Cross my heart etc.)

Anyway, I have explained myself and my kind advice is *not* to discuss the subject of po-mo with me, and not even subjects which seem like attenuated po-mo with me, simply because you are ill, I am a philosopher, and there are many who regret having discussed with me in public.

I *really* wish you well Angela, and I don't mind that we think rather differently about philosophy, but IF we are to discuss I go for the truth by any stylistical means, and I don't think we are equals in the respects of philosophy, logic or written argument.

Best regards,


P.S. As to the satire I wrote: Here is a nice Swiftian one, mostly in English:

Title: Yahooisme & democratie
Link: https://maartensz.org/meinadam/spyahoos.htm

And yes: These and other satires - "critiques of the hegemonic episteme", in po-mo-talk - were published (on paper) in the University of Amsterdam, while I was a student, and ill, and most students considered my ideas "fascistic", and didn't mind calling this out, for I generally went alone, and they generally went in groups, and the opinion of the vast majority of the professors I've quoted above. (I nevertheless made my M.A. only because I am uncommonly brilliant - and not a humble man, as you see - or whatever, and there were a few professors who could see that, who had the courage to help me. The most important one since emigrated to the US and works now at a top university there.)