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(..) Thank you Maarten for that translation. It would seem that van der Meer was, in this interview at least, not as 'self-incriminating' as I had remembered; though there is that Reeves-esque suggestion of serious doubt prior to a study that is disturbing. Perhaps I read about the TV interview you mentioned. It certainly suggested to me powerful public evidence of researcher bias. If anyone unearths a transcript/excerpt, please post about it.

Indeed, and I remember it as you remember it, as quoted in the Dutch daily I read, the NRC-Handelsblad. But I don't have a TV since 40 years and I may be mistaken. And "researcher bias" it is, in polite speech also.

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Douglas Adams dreamed up the concept of a "Somebody Else's Problem Field", a device that renders objects essentially invisible by triggering the all-too-easy-to-trigger phenomenon of apathy in the minds of observers. I have often thought that ME/CFS powerfully triggers an interesting psychopathology in otherwise healthy individuals, especially doctors, that could be called Somebody Else's Problem Syndrome. The prognosis is grim, unless someone close to you develops ME/CFS, or (hypothetically) you worry about contracting ME/CFS yourself. The most common symptom is referral of ME/CFS patients to psychiatrists, who unfortunately tend to have other Problems.

Indeed, or as Edmund Burke had it, while explaining much of human history implicitly, quite possibly sarcastically:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
-- Edmund Burke

In the same vein:

"We never hurt each other but by error or by malice."
-- Sir Robert Chambers + Dr. Johnson

I could quote more, but shall continue by quoting you (about a series of points of mine about the health care in Holland these days):

Strange.. you could just as well substitute "United States" for "Holland" and the above would still be accurate.

I am not amazed, but I really only had Holland in mind, though I am aware that the situation in Holland as regards health-care, that used to be quite good, has grown and is growing in the direction of the US state of affairs, though it still is better.

Incidentally, having mentioned TV that I don't watch, I think quite a few of especially the US readership may care for the following link

The Young Turks
-- http://www.youtube.com/user/TheYoungTurks

with my English comments when I first found them here

Old and Young Turks
-- https://maartensz.org/log/2009/NL090826a.htm

This also contains a link to some American illusions about the present state of the Dutch Health Care. TYTs - as they are affectionally called - is the only TV-like news show I saw the last 40 years (since the demise of David Frost and Monty Python) that really makes sense. (For angry Brits: Yes.... auntie Beeb is, re-la-ti-ve-ly speaking also not bad, but it is more for - if you excuse me - ticky-tacky people in ticky-tacky houses. (You'll probably have gotten most of my implied references, and if not another Senior Person w/ME may expllain.)

Give the TYTs a try, if you didn't already and live in the US! Recommended!

Oh no! A conspiracy theory! "Patient clearly has paranoid tendencies."

Jeez! At last found out! By A Pro! Please, Reverend Doctor, please, with R-E-SP-E-C-T also: please, please no Sister Helga Von Shut-Your-Trap. I have been very backward in my yodeling, I know, but with the loving care of our High Priestess _Kim_ there may be, perhaps, eventually, at long last, a cure be found, even for my swollen head and myriads of cognitive and other sins? I beseech thee, by the bowels of Jesus Christ, to bethinkest thee that I know I may be mistaken!

(For the unenlightened, misbelievers and heretics: http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/sho...Dr.-Yes/page14)

I'll write you later about your asylum, because when I first read - in January, I think - that it sounded pretty frightening, and I hope you are doing well in the circumstances, and do not have to defend your human dignity against medical or bureaucratic idiots.

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