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Thanks for the information. You are happy to have a competent doctor who believes you and co-wrote the Canada Criterions. My congratulations! Just one point that I no doubt will return to on this forum (D.V. for those thus inclined):

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However, don't get me wrong, there are people with psychiatric conditions that are just as ill - perhaps from a biologic cause)....however, we're very often treated as neurotic rather than sick, which is ridiculous.

I am one of those who is a psychologist and a philosopher who holds ALL psychiatric conditions have a biologic cause, i.e. are events and processes in and of the brain, if quite possibly with a social or environmental trigger of many kinds (quarrels, stress, alcohol, drugs, poisons, other illness, and more).

There are no psychosomatic diseases, because there is no such thing as a psyche a.k.a. soul NEXT AND IN ADDITION to the human body. All human experiencing - feeling, sensing, believing, desiring, fantasizing - consists of processes of and in the brain, known, partially known or unknown, for the purposes of real science.

And this is or ought to be so also methodologically for religious people (I am not religious), who aspire to do real science, and who also believe they have a soul (eternal, up for judgment and pie in the sky or the eternal flames, or whatever), for that is not a real physical object (even if the belief in it is is a physical process).

This is the scientific principle involved in all real science, and souls, succubi, incubi, and possession by the devil are just not on, in real science, whatever a religious scientist believes on Sundays or holy days.

But more on this later, somewhere on the forum, for I think it is a fundamental point, that totally contradicts a fundamental assumption of much psychiatric pseudo-science, including the malevolent nonsense of Wessely and co., as I am now suffering a bit from dysfunctional belief systems that have upset my soul so much according to psychosomatic psychiatric pseudo-scientists (with a hidden agenda serving the state or the insurance company, my dysfunctional belief systems insinuate sickly) that I am in the state of false belief of being "fatigued". (More yodelling is clearly needed, my High Priestess _Kim_ will intune here, I suppose, for thus is The Cathechism.)


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