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Btw - Do you have any information on Jos van der Meer regarding some public comments he may have made (I believe I read about them somewhere) regarding his disbelief in XMRV and - I think - his certainty that he could prove it did NOT cause CFS prior to beginning his study? Wish I could remember exactly what I had seen to that effect...

He expressed his doubts in the tv show noorderlicht and to a journalist of the newspaper trouw.

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The articels can be found at: http://www.hetalternatief.org/XMRV%202009%20592.htm

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This helps, but in spite of his many talents the Reverend Dr. Yes may have no telephone line to the lord to find and translate the relevant bits. Here is one, first in Dutch then in my translation:

Double check
Internist en CVS-onderzoeker Jos van der Meer van het UMC St Radboud noemt het onderzoek verrassend. Hij heeft de publicatie direct doorgestuurd naar zijn afdeling virologie. Mogelijk willen ze in Nijmegen de proeven van Lombardi herhalen om te kijken of ze dezelfde resultaten kunnen behalen. De Nijmegenaar heeft jaren gezocht naar een virologische verklaring voor de ziekte, maar dat op een laag pitje gezet, omdat er niets uitrolde.

Van der Meer is ook verbaasd: "Van een blad als Science mag je verwachten dat ze ook een tweede onderzoek publiceren dat de resultaten van Lombardi bevestigt. We hebben in het verleden namelijk nogal wat zogenaamde CVS-boosdoeners voorbij zien komen: van een enterovirus tot de bacterie Mycoplasma fermentans. Al die verdenkingen hebben andere onderzoekers - onder meer wij in Nijmegen - steeds onderuit gehaald. Ik ben bang dat dat nu weer zou kunnen gebeuren."

That was the doubledutch. Translation, with the numbers in square brackets referring to my notes following it:

Double check
Internist and CFS-researcher Jos van der Meer of the UMC St Radboud (University Medical Center Saint Radboud [1]) says the research is surprising. He immediately relayed the publication to his department of virology [2]. They may repeat the experiments of Lombardi to see whether they can obtain the same result. The Nijmegian has searched for years for a virological explanation for the disease, but has toned this down considerably, because it produced nothing.

Van der Meer also is surprised: "One may expect from a publication like Science that they also publish a second investigation that confirms the results of Lombardi. In the past we have rather a lot of so called CFS-evildoers pass by: from an enterovirus till the bacterium Mycoplasma fermentans. All these suspicions have been always floored by other researchers - i.a. we in Nijmegen. I am afraid that this might happen again." [3]

[1] I wrote out the abbreviations, and told Dr.Yes in another post that it used to be a Catholic University, then turned into a marxist one (with prof Van der Meer's tacit consent, no doubt), and since ca. 1996 into an "ordinary Dutch university", in the modern Dutch sense, i.e. it turns persons with IQs of 100-115 in a few years (half of the time allotted in my time, with far worse pre-university education) into genuine deeply respectable highly moral Dutch doctors of medicine, doctors of clinical psychology, doctors of European Studies, doctors of Freedom Theology with a minor in Sports Sciences a.s.o.

[2] By "his department of virology" I take it he means: 'At the University Medical Center Saint Radboud', rather than 'in my own enlightened group of CFS-researchers'.

[3] I think on TV he was less hypocritical, not "afraid", and declared he was confident that he would be able to floor the WPI-research, but as I have no TV here I rely on memory from a report in the Dutch paper I read at the timel.