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Thanks for the laugh Maarten - I needed that!
Btw - Do you have any information on Jos van der Meer regarding some public comments he may have made (I believe I read about them somewhere) regarding his disbelief in XMRV and - I think - his certainty that he could prove it did NOT cause CFS prior to beginning his study? Wish I could remember exactly what I had seen to that effect...

You are welcome. I know he did say so (nearly) immediately XMRV was reported in the Dutch media in October of last year, but for the moment can't find references (that are in Dutch).

Here is my angry take in October on my site in English:

Title: A little more about me and ME
Lnk: https://maartensz.org/log/2009/NL091018a.htm

But it gives no specific answer to your specific question. I'll look a bit better and report later, and my guess is meanwhile that Guido den Broeder and Carla (both Dutch, both members of the forum) well may have more links about professor Jos van der Meer's media-appearances and sayings in October than you ever want to know.

More later.