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critical realist is rather a contradiction in terms is it not

Hmmm.... well Sir Karl deigned to call Himself a critical realist, and Angela called herself a Popperian. There's undoubtedly a lot on the net, but since I refuted Popper in 1971 to my own satisfaction, I can't refer you to any in English (there is some in Dutch). The Wikpedia is very probably adequate (I didn't check.)

But what I am interested in is the to me almost unique - dare I say "miraculous"? - appearance of a logical and rational... feminist, so if Angela would enlarge on that maybe I start believing in miracles. Not because it is a contradiction per se, but because the postmodern feminists I have known either despised and scolded logic and rationality or changed it e.g. into feminist algebra, where parts of the laws of mathematics were overthrown by feminist transcendental intuition, one supposes. (Check out Norman Levitt, if interested.)

So I am surprised and maybe - at loooong last - the times they are a'changing.

Logical, rational feminism... please tell us more Angela, for it makes me feel like yodelling (thanks _Kim_ High Priestess of the True Church of False Illness Beliefs, for this fine ritual).