Hello Cort,

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(..) the Forums are mostly working now and we'll get to the other stuff as we can.

Yes and no. I just made a post - #20 in the "# Dr. Mikovits to answer questions Science!" thread, dated 7.34, that does not show up in "What's new" and "New posts", though posts by others posted before it and after it do show up.

This happened before when I was logged in, and was rectified when I logged out (and all cookies were cleared). Now it also isn't rectified when logged out. My post exists only on the place it was posted, but not in the "What's new" and "New posts" administration (that also do just the same, in spite of being said to do different things).

I merely register it, as I merely register that I have given up hope in vBulletin's programmer(s). Also, personally I am in favour of running a board with free open source. The one's I know, from the programming world (yes, I program), worked perfectly fine for many and have the great merits that they are free and open source, so that one like me could see whether he could do something about a problem if the makers of it don't.

Ahh well... as I said I've given up hope on this, as I have seen too many bugs that should not be present in commercial closed source software, but I do agree (if you were to say so) that there are much better things to do in life than getting bad software to perform tolerably and that for the time being the forum has to depend on this, while prayer is the only or main relief.

So don't waste time on this. I merely recorded it so that others may know of the problem.


P.S. This one does show up (but not in the "What's New" listing until I have logged out, as before). So possibly the previous post that still doesn't show up in the "What's New" listing was too long? (It's a guess about closed source.) Anyway... let me also say that I've never seen any of the problems vBulletins have on the free and open forums for programmers I frequent: Those all work properly.