Hello Julius and ME Agenda,

For Julius: None of the works is long, and the last two are masterpieces of satire. And I do think you will like them if you can read them, which I hope you do, simply because it really is great writing and thinking.

For ME Agenda: Thanks again, and I had read that, and that is probably how I arrived at "Ph.D.", viz. by way of phrases like "His 1993 doctoral thesis was on the relationship between crime and schizophrenia."

And meanwhile I have also briefly waded through the titular alphabet soup Monkeybusiness linked to, which also straightened out some.

Anyway.... here is a link to a piece about another of his appearances, that of seeming to have a Hitlerite moustache. (Yes, I am half serious, but you never know with a mind like his)

ME: Back to the Middle Ages with professor Simon Wessely
-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100314a.htm