Hello Gerwyn,

You remind me of the Dutch writer Simon Vestdijk (ignorance is here no loss to you) "who wrote faster than God could read" - which is not meant in criticism but to explain why I am a number of posts behind and you wrote:
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i think what he has got is aparticulat kind of avoidant attachment pattern resulting froma psychologically or physically absent parent. fesr of rejection need for adoration model of manipulation

masogeny etc fit this particular pattern.I am of course as you probably realise a very neurobiological psychologist looking at neural networks representational models etc but ridicule will hurt if done correctly glad you are back

Yes, I am also that sort of psychologist, or at least one with such interests. One of my general problems with psychiatry is that I have read a fair amount of it, and nearly all makes no sense to me, theoretically speaking. (Practically speaking, it must be more of an art than a science, and no doubt there are some good psychiatrists, as there are some good and intelligent people: in a minority.)

The only good book I know about general psychiatry (and when I say "good" I mean it is well-written, makes sense, and is not bad philosophy nor bad in terms of philosophy of science or logic) is:

-- Silvano P. Arieti: The Intrapsychic Self

He was - 40 years ago - the Dean of the APA (American Psychiatric Association) and specialized in schizophrenia, about which he wrote a major book (then), that is also good, as is his book about creativity. (All only second-hand available, I fear.)

Anyway... it does seem to me professor Simon Wessely has issues, about which I have learned guesses, but my main arguments why are commonsensical rather than psychiatric. To quote myself from an earlier post (I am, dear colleague, somewhat "fatigued"):\


Either I, Simon Wessely Ph.D., am right about ME, and my government and insurance-companies will save money if they do as I say and will like me a lot or else I, Simon Wessely Ph.D., am wrong about ME, and tens of thousands of people in Great Britain alone will have their lives, health and social help ruined thoroughly and painfully for as many decades as my theories are used and allowed to mistreat genuinely ill people. (Happily, I, Simon Wessely Ph.D., am strong enough to support the ills and pains of others, thank God, if He exists.)

My own point of view is that no morally decent person plays such a game, especially if he is a medical doctor (Hippocratic oath etc.), for which reason there is definitely something wrong with him, but it is not easy to diagnose him properly, apart from the fact that a guy as intelligent as he is must know he is and has been lying about ME in a major way and for a long time (whatever his real reasons, that may be mostly hidden for him too).