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Mar 12, 2010


Minitranslation from the Dutch


Minitranslation from the Dutch

Hello Koan,

Thanks very much for doing this. You wrote:


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Iím now joined, on the phone from Cathy in Holland [sic] by one of the researchers of that paper Jos Vandemere [sp.?] is a professor of Internal Medicine at Rabojt [sp.?] University in Nemakin [sp?].

[Sorry, someone else will have to provide as I have no clue.]

Being Dutch, alas, here are the proper Dutch terms:

Vandemere -> Van der Meer
Rabojt -> Radboud Ziekenhuis (the last word means "hospital", and probably was there)
Nemakin -> Nijmegen

My own take on the topic, in reply to McClure & Wessely in the BMJ is here


Van der Meer is the Dutch Wessely, and is a highly reliable sort of guy: Whatever he said or wrote over the last 20 years I am aware of was an instance of saying or writing "the thing that is not". Also, he is the type who is far too high & mighty, in his own opinion, to answer letters from a psychologist & philosopher with dysfunctional beliefs like me, since I think he either is grossly incompetent or lying.

Best regards,


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