Hello IF,

I really like the IF abbreviation, having thought a lot about ifs (conditionals: real subtle creatures, much involved in all we humans believe).

You wrote:

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Hi Maarten,

Thanks for continuing to try to help. I used to be a bit of a computer geek, but these days trying to minimize typos is enough of a challenge for me.

I used to rather look down on the use of smilies, but since joining the forum have come to appreciate them.

Have copied the heart, cumbersome and more energy than I'd like to spend getting it, and the formatting doesn't copy over, but it'll work.

Thanks again ❤

You're welcome.

As to the geeky side of things: I very much like quite a few of your posts, for you dug up some great findings. Here is one you probably know, which I like, because I think professor Malcolm Hooper is one of the most sensible, rational and informed persons writing on ME, and everybody with ME owes him a lot:


Re smilies: Yes.... same here. I like them here better than elsewhere (I know them best from programmers' forums), and I think we owe that, like many things on the forum, to Kim.

Re the heart: Here I can't get your meaning precisely. It's simply copy/paste, and I tested it out before sending it that it works on my computer in a Notepad and in a Wordpad file. I'm sorry if I misled you.

Anyway... keep up the good work, for I really like your posts and findings - but take care of your health.

Maarten ❤