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Hi Maarten-----I looked at the biochem of mito dysfunction and realised the implications for overall bodily functions particularily neuroendocrine homeostatic control and neurolgical dysfunction I then realised that a whole range of otherwise wholly disparate symptoms could flow from such a "simple" core defect----------My mito's are quite severely damaged and i need daily corrective measures to maintain my current level of physical and cognitive functioning----sorry for my n=1 trial!The symptoms are so similar to known mito disorder that this theory would seem plausible and parsimonious------I agree with your entire post by the way Gerwyn

Yes, indeed - except that "mitochondrial disorder" is completely new to me i.e. I learned about it on this forum a few days ago from your posts and - if my "fatigued" "brain-mind" recalls well: from Flybro's posts - on it.

I will later pick you up (metaphorically) in the thread about it, and here merely note that (1) indeed Ockham approves or at least agrees and (2) n>=3 in as much as you thought of it, Myhill thought of it, and I thought of it - and my theory located it in the mitochondria in terms of a theory about the malfunctioning of the ATP-ADP-AMP breakdown and build up that's part of the Krebs cycle, and notions about aerobic/anaerobic energymaking and the apparent importance of water, in the case of me and my ex, that is resp. night sweats and diarrhea. And as I said, at the time I didn't know ME existed, which is not odd, but some 30-50 medical doctors and specialists my ex and I had seen also didn't know, which is less good, since I had written out the symptoms very clearly already in 1980.

Anyway... I'll pick you up in the relevant thread on the forum later, and we must do some thinking in the none too far future about setting up A Real Science group.